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With the Asus Zenfone Selfie, you can now show off your personality in style and at the same time bring out a sense of fun and spontaneity in those moments that require extra boost. Whether you're an avid fan of urban life or someone who can't wait to be the center of attention with every selfie, the Zenfone Selfie can't be beat in terms of flair and versatility.

The one thing that most people are looking for is a mobile phone case, but the image of a tiny person holding a massive phone is something that have been hauntingly familiar to anyone who owns a mobile phone. That's why Asus Zenfone Selfie Mobile Cover offers a simple solution to the dilemma.

Like the name implies, the cover features a smooth touch that lets you slip it on your phone at the snap of a finger. As it slides over your device, it conceals the back of the device and keeps it safe from dirt and dust.

If you're a fan of showing off your sense of style and fashion, this cover will make your mobile phone more versatile. This is because when you're not using it, the Zenfone Selfie Cover protects your device by providing a barrier between the screen and the world.

However, if you're the type who always needs to carry around a mobile phone, you'll appreciate how the cover enables you to take pictures from various angles and use them as desktop wallpapers or backgrounds on your computer. It's simple and straightforward, but it is designed to keep your device safe and secure.

When you need to use the Zenfone Selfie, you'll realize that you have a more powerful and easier way to see the world through your mobile phone. One of the major perks of owning a Zenfone Selfie is the added versatility that the cover provides.

Now that you can actually enjoy this mobile phone more than ever before, it's important that you find the right mobile phone case. Whether you want to use the Zenfone Selfie with a Zenfone Selfie, or you simply want to use the cover to protect your phone, the options are limitless.

No matter what you're after, there is a Zenfone Selfie phone case to fit your taste. But if you're looking for a basic mobile phone cover, there are three different options available to you.

For the classic look, you can choose the elegant leather cover, which features a black color. It includes a small zipper on the top flap and a picture of a butterfly for decoration.

A subtle option, the contrast cover adds a tiny metallic butterfly to match the Zenfone Selfie. On the flip side, this is the only option without a pocket, which makes it perfect for those who want to conceal their mobile phone in the back pocket of their jeans.

A zip-up flap for mobile phone in addition to the cover with a zipper adds style to the Zenfone Selfie. You can also get one with a Zenfone Selfie logo and a pocket in case you're into fashion and want to show it off, or even use it as a mobile cover to protect your phone while you're on the go.

With so many different options to choose from, you can be sure that the Zenfone Selfie has something to please every aspect of your personality. Whether you're after a phone case, a Zenfone Selfie cover, or even a zippered phone pouch, the Zenfone Selfie has got it all.

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