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The Google Pixel XL is Google's latest smartphone. It boasts of a dazzling display, allowing you to get the most out of your entertainment system. However, many users have complained about having a large screen that will show an excess amount of text.

Many owners of the phone complain that they are constantly aware of their screen. They do not want to leave their phone on the table, or use it for holding small objects. Since the Pixel phone has a 5.5-inch screen, users have a lot of important things on the screen.

A large screen may make it difficult to use a phone case. Many users are more comfortable using the phone on a case than on the table. The cases available for the Pixel phones are somewhat limited.

A cover for the Pixel is an important accessory for this phone. It can protect the screen from getting scratched. The cover also provides an extra layer of protection for the screen, which is also scratch resistant. An empty phone case will be fine for this phone.

There are a number of phone covers on the market today that provide clear protection for the screen. To fit these covers, you will need to remove the SIM card tray, or the electronic SIM card tray. Remove the SIM card tray and then remove the battery. Take the battery out carefully and store it in a bag before you put the tray back on.

Remove the holder for the Nano SIM card. When you take the SIM holder out, it will be necessary to unscrew the battery. Carefully, remove the SIM card tray, and then set it aside. If you have some headphones or earbuds, you will need to remove them before proceeding with this step.

To install the cover, take out the Phillips screw that holds the top portion of the cover to the back. To replace the cover, simply snap the top portion onto the back portion of the cover. A wide body-shaped Phillips screw will hold the cover in place.

To add additional layers of protection, use a protective cover. This cover will protect the phone against bumps and scratches. After applying the cover, you will need to ensure that the back of the phone is clean. Place a soft cloth over the area that you will be placing the cover on and make sure that you protect it with the cloth.

Protect the phone with a screen protector. The Pixel phone's display is one of the more prone areas to scratches. To ensure that the display is protected, you should use a screen protector that can be applied over the display.

Once you have everything ready, you will need to plug the phone into a USB port and then power it on. You can then use the back cover to stick it on the back of the phone.

When using a cover, make sure that the button functions properly. For example, if you are using a guard, you will need to use the power and volume buttons.

There are a number of other ways to protect the phone. However, these steps are all necessary in order to protect the screen. There are other options available for your Pixel screen, but these basic steps should help you get started.