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The Huawei Honor 7X is probably one of the most popular smart phones in the market today. The dual-core processor is only second to the iPhone 6 Plus. Also, it has a vibrant and bright display which makes it ideal for all your creative and recreational activities.

On the other hand, this phone does not make for a lovely affair to carry around all the time. It is also fragile and will easily break if dropped, unless you have a case. When you purchase a Huawei Smart Phone Cover, you can easily protect the phone from any damage and make it more durable and more resistant to knocks.

Therefore, you need to have a phone case to cover your Huawei. A phone case keeps the phone safe and protects it from the elements.

Apart from protecting your phone, a phone case can also keep your smart phone in perfect condition. It can protect the exterior and make the phone scratch-proof. Besides, you can make your phone look different by installing a special design.

There are various types of materials used to make a phone case. The basic material used is leather. However, there are also those made from plastics and some even have a rubber material inside.

For people who travel a lot, especially to places where water is present, a water-resistant and moisture-resistant material is needed. A cover for the phone should be able to withstand any type of damage and moisture. Some of these materials include:

The right kind of material can make or break the function of your cover. Therefore, you should know the main purpose you need the cover for.

If you want to buy a multipurpose case, then a leather cover is the best choice. It is waterproof, scratch-proof and has anti-slip feature. Furthermore, a leather case is not a slippery material.

You should know that even though the leather covers are water-resistant, you cannot use them for the gym. This is because the leather material is heavier than other types of material.

Leather is a durable material, but it is a bit heavy. This is why it is not very practical to be used in carrying cases. You can use leather to carry a small laptop or an MP3 player, but it is definitely not suitable for a mobile phone.

However, there is another kind of material called Fabric material. It is also flexible, strong and able to resist any type of damages. This is why it is very suitable for a mobile phone cover.

The most popular mobile phone case is made from Fabric material. It is light, water-resistant and scratch-proof.