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Just what is the difference between a Moto G5 Plus and a regular phone case? The answer to this question depends on what you consider a case to be.

A phone case may be considered an accessory. This means that it doesn't really belong to the range of phone cases that are made specifically for specific phones. Instead, it is part of the same group as other cases that fit specific phones.

Some will fit both iPhone and regular phones, while others fit only one or the other. Some phone covers will fit more than one mobile, while others are one-size fits all.

One exception to this is the Moto G5 Plus, which comes with a huge amount of accessories. Of course, the front panel and the back are very much like any other phone case. And they're designed to protect your phone.

With a large battery, great performance, great battery life, and a fantastic camera, the G5 Plus is a phone that's easy to recommend. However, the fact that this phone comes with a huge number of accessories means that it's hard to find a decent case.

That's where the Moto G5 Plus comes in. If you want a case that's easy to find but will hold up well over time, there are some great choices.

A clear case is probably the most common option. These come in plastic, leather, or rubber, and are made to protect the front and back of your phone. You might have already seen some of these cases on cars, but if not, check online for some.

A good one should protect the sides and back of your phone, which makes it one of the best options. Depending on how you carry your phone, a smartly designed case may not be enough to keep the back and sides of your phone safe from scratches.

The other cover available is those with built-in covers. These are the ones that are designed to stay in place without the aid of a screen protector. While the materials used to make these are usually not very durable, they do a good job protecting your phone.

A good one of these will protect the edges of your phone without causing it to break easily. While they don't offer the same quality of protection as the others, they do keep the front and back of your phone protected from scratches and scrapes.

These are the best options for a Moto G5 Plus phone case. When looking for the right Moto G5 Plus cover, take a look at the many options available today.