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The Moto X4 is the newest addition to Motorola's line of high-tech, beautifully designed phones. You may be wondering why it makes sense to invest in such a phone if you're not a fan of using Android OS. Well, that's what we're going to do today.

After testing out every single Android device to date, I decided to take a risk and purchase the X4. I have had a few Android devices over the years, but this one is unlike any of them. Here are my reasons why.

First, the size and weight of the X4 are extremely perfect for its compact design. If you are on the lookout for a slim, lightweight phone with a large screen, the X4 is the one. It feels great in your hand and feels like you could use it for hours.

Second, because of its size, it doesn't require a bulky phone case to protect it. Since it fits into your hand so comfortably, there's no need to over extend yourself trying to hold it up while talking on the phone.

Third, because it has such a great look, you don't need a bulky phone case to give it the style you want. The X4 is stylish and looks good without a case. Since it's so slim, it looks even better when covered.

Fourth, since it's very light, it has more storage space than some phones. Having a large screen just isn't necessary if you aren't planning on downloading a ton of apps, games, and other goodies.

Fifth, because it comes with a removable back, it's easy to swap out the back panel, which can save you time and money. Not having to change the back every time you want to replace the battery is a big plus.

Sixth, because it comes with Android phones that are known for their gorgeous looks, it saves you from buying more expensive phones that do nothing special. Since most of these Android phones have soft-touch plastic, they don't look as nice as iPhones. The X4 is made of aluminum, which provides you with a rugged, durable, and beautiful phone.

Seventh, because it has a fully programmable back case, you can customize its look. By being able to change its color, style, and logo, you're sure to fit it in perfectly. Since you get to choose which features go on which area, you can also customize the X4 to fit any theme or mood you want.

Finally, because it's always been popular with fashionistas, it offers more ways to customize the looks of the X4 by way of your phone case. There are front, back, and bumper cases. Each of these offers different ways to customize the look of the phone.

With all the customization you can do through your phone case, the chances of you being able to replicate Google's design style are slim to none. Even if you have a creative mind, you'd never be able to come up with something as perfect as this phone!