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The Nokia 6.1 Plus is a smartphone which has a lot of features. Its very attractive design, excellent camera, performance and durability are the most important aspects of a mobile phone. The Nokia 6.1 Plus phone cover provides a very good protection to this mobile phone.

It has all the features which can be considered as a functional phone. The phone is used for both business and personal reasons. The phone is designed to provide you with all the best features but also to offer protection.

There are several options of phone covers available in the market. Most of them claim to be the best cover available for your Nokia. As Nokia is a famous brand, it is not possible to find the best cover for your phone.

The warranty of this phone is limited. Before buying the phone, one should make sure about the warranty period of the phone. Though you cannot get a complete refund, you can get an alternative phone when the warranty period expires.

It is not possible to return a mobile phone because of which it is necessary to keep the phone for a longer period. You must consider the cost of maintenance before buying the phone. After getting the Nokia 6.1 Plus mobile phone, one must buy a good quality phone case which will protect the phone and prevent it from being damaged. The most popular and highly recommended mobile phone case is the Nokia Back Case.

The Nokia Back Case is specially designed for the Nokia 6.1 Plus. It comes with three separate parts, which are the cover, back panel and the tripod mechanism. These parts come in a variety of colors and design. You can select the design and color according to your choice.

The cover of the Nokia Back Case comes with a zipper style which is adjustable. This design ensures the smooth operation of the cover and you don't have to worry about the leakage of liquids and dust. The only disadvantage of the cover is that it cannot be removed.

Another advantage of the Nokia Back Case is that it can be placed on your wall and doesn't occupy a lot of space. The cover comes with a simple latch mechanism which enables you to open the door. The hinge mechanism ensures a secure grip on the back.

The nylon straps help in reducing the chances of the cover slipping off. The nylon straps can be adjusted according to your comfort level. The entire Nokia Back Case can be folded up for storage and transportation.

The back panel of the Nokia Back Case is made of hard plastic. This material prevents the water from entering the pocket of the phone. The plastic material has also been selected so that it can withstand all the tests of the weather.

The soft touch plastic covers are also available in different colors and designs. The soft touch cover protects the Nokia from scratches, heavy scratches and water damage.

To further enhance the security of the phone, you can even remove the cover of the phone. It is possible to remove the phone cover from the cell phone through a simple push of a button.