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When you see the Nokia 9 PureView in action, you would not be able to tell that it is made of plastic or glass. It is sleek and powerful. So much so that a lot of people would be surprised to see a phone made out of plastic and wonder if it will affect its longevity.

A lot of mobile phones are made of the cheaper materials. There are some mobile phones made from polycarbonate which has been proven to be shatter proof. This is just one reason why it is used for mobile phones.

However, if you really want to buy a mobile phone that can take a beating then you have to be sure that it is made of the best material. You also need to know that polycarbonate mobile covers cannot be scratched, unlike other materials. One of the reasons is that the polycarbonate material is more dense than other materials and hence has a greater resistance to impact.

The second reason is that the material is lightweight. Whereas other materials are bulky and heavy, the polycarbonate material is light and can easily fit on top of a smartphone. The material also does not affect the colors of the phone in any way.

What type of material do you prefer your phone to be made of? If you don't mind how long it lasts then it doesn't matter whether it is made of glass or plastic. However, if you want your phone to be durable then polycarbonate is your best choice. There are still plenty of mobile covers made out of polycarbonate.

The Nokia PureView uses the same material as the Samsung Galaxy S5. In fact, Nokia used the same material as their previous line of mobile phones called the N-series. This gives the Nokia PureView a similar look as the older phones.

Another thing you should know about the Nokia PureView is that it has a special back case which helps the phone resist scratches. Unlike regular mobile phone cases which are not waterproof, the special back case of the Nokia PureView is made from materials that are resistant to water. It is called the water-repellent material.

The Nokia Lumia 920, the latest mobile phone from Nokia, is waterproof. It can be used underwater and is not affected by humidity and salt. With a few simple steps, the phone can be easily wiped off and the water can dry up.

However, this does not mean that the phone would always be completely dry. You need to ensure that it is completely dry before you put it in the bag. You should also make sure that the phone is completely free from dust before you put it into the packaging of the phone.

Another thing you should know about the Nokia PureView is that the water resistant Nokia 9 mobile phone is waterproof. The company promises that it can handle water up to one meter deep. You can use it even when it rains.

Another feature of the Nokia PureView is that it has a special lens built for outdoor shots. With the lens, you can take clear photos even in the most low-light situations. The camera feature of the phone makes it one of the best mobile phones in the market today.

Do not think that the Nokia PureView is an expensive mobile phone. It is affordable and the image quality is top notch. The Nokia PureView is made with the same technologies as the Galaxy S5 and Nokia 9 mobile phones.