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Lord Shiva Case Cover for OnePlus X

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Gucci Gang Case Cover for OnePlus X

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Bruce Lee Case Cover for OnePlus X

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Balenciaga Case Cover for OnePlus X

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OnePlus, one of the more popular mobile phone brand has also introduced their popular flagship the OnePlus X. The new phone has plenty of new features. A quick look at the features can reveal that there are many new features for the device and the most important part is that this phone cover is most convenient to use.

It has a QWERTY keyboard which allows you to type faster. There is no need to touch the screen since the keyboard on the phone is present on the front part of the phone case. The display of the OnePlus X can be switched with two different angles. You can have it tilts towards the front side or you can keep it flat.

The screen of the phone can be adjusted so that you can use it more conveniently. The screen can be fully immersed in water to show you the notification while swimming with the OnePlus X.

This phone also has a strong metal frame, which protects the handset from possible damages while being dropped. This is also ensured with the free bumper that OnePlus has along with the OnePlus X.

The screen and display of the OnePlus X are quite sharp. This has brought a boost to the performance of the phone.

The phone case comes with the very useful, dry cell technology. It is used in order to ensure that the phone never experiences scratches due to liquid spills or accidental spills. This is provided by the dry cell technology.

The screen is made out of Corning Gorilla Glass. It has an anti-glare coating that helps you enjoy viewing the display without any glare.

The screens of the OnePlus X are not touch sensitive. It is like having a second touch screen that also gives better clarity.

The snap on screen which can be seen from the screen is made of Gorilla Glass that guarantees you an awesome viewing experience. The snap on screen is also used in the camera, which is available with the OnePlus X.

The phone case is charged by a low-voltage electrostatic charge, which makes sure that the phone is free from potential damage. When you are using your phone for a long time, the electrostatic charge accumulates and hence you get a life-threatening situation.