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As the OnePlus 7 Pro is set to become one of the best smartphones available in the market, Oneplus has come up with a special case for the latest smartphone. The company is offering a special leather back case for the device and some users are confused with the difference between the two cases.

But is the case really any different from the other types of covers for the topnotch smartphone? In order to answer this question, we need to understand the features and advantages of each of the covers that come with the smartphone. We will focus on the advantages of the one that comes with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

OnePlus has opted for a plain black color for its One plus 7 Pro phone cover. However, other manufacturers are likely to follow suit with other colors like gray, dark grey, silver, blue, pink, red, black, etc.

The OnePlus One is not compatible with TPU (touch screen protection) cover. So it is no surprise that the company has kept the basic design of the covers intact to retain the uniqueness of the phone.

This is the same case with all the other smart phones. They all include a simple plate that can protect the display area and the camera lens when they are under stress. Some of the newer devices will add additional features such as front facing cameras, flash, GPS and more.

This really matters as you do not want to damage the smartphone by too much use. Also, you want to protect your investment and the hardware so you might as well look into getting a protective case for your phone.

Even though you cannot use the phone for an entire day needs to be protected from rain and sunlight. After using the phone for a while you will probably experience damage to the display, camera lens, buttons, etc. It can also lead to scratches if you drop the phone or face other external force.

Since the Oneplus is waterproof, a smart phone case can help you keep the device safe even in an accident where water enters your phone. This is also applicable when you spill something on the phone because water will then transfer through the material and eventually get onto the face of the display.

While using your phone you will not want to drop it and damage it, right? The protective case can help you keep it dry and secure while you are using it.

Another plus for getting a phone case is the fact that you can easily customize it to fit your personality. You can choose the color, design, size, etc.

Many people would prefer the OnePlus One because it is lightweight, has an amazing battery life, and comes with high quality specifications. There are other smartphones that do the same things but none have the design and innovation of the OnePlus.