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Oppo Find X is considered to be the hottest mobile phone that is in the market. The Find X, which is a smartphone is the latest version of the popular company's Find the 5 series. The biggest difference between this and its predecessor is the internal memory, battery life and advanced cameras. This device is considered to be one of the top mobile phones.

The angular nature of the phone lends itself well to smart ideas and development. There are several features that make this a smart handset. These features, along with a good camera, have made this a hit amongst all.

Face unlock allows you to unlock your phone by simply pointing at the screen and then turning your head. It is easily done by simply opening your mouth or grabbing the phone by its face. It is only possible when the iPhone is turned on, so you need to take time to get it ready for using the fingerprint scanner.

The face lock feature has got both a plus and a minus point. If you have a new phone and you do not want to mess around with the face unlocking option, then you can always lock your phone using the default camera settings. You can lock the camera by pressing the side button and the camera icon will turn red. However, if you have a newer phone with touch screen, you can avoid messing around with this feature and go with the method above.

However, if you want to use the Face unlock option, you will have to put the Find 5 in your front face pocket and you will find the camera icon has a light blue shape, as you can see from the picture. All you have to do is touch the face of the Find 5 and then swipe up. The blue-colored icon will turn into the grey-colored icon and you can swipe the Find 5 up and unlock the phone. To unlock the Find X, simply press the side button and then take your thumbs out from the Find X phone.

The Find X has a touch screen and comes in four dark colors: blue, black, purple and green. You can select the color of your choice. On the rear of the screen, there is a micro SD card slot, radio, speaker, battery charge indicator and an LED status indicator. The Find X also has a notification LED to show the status of the camera's flash.

The wide screen of the phone makes it very easy to navigate through a large screen. You can easily find out how to locate the contact list by looking at the upper left corner of the screen. You can swipe the screen left to right to switch between the home page, search and other categories like My People, Pictures, Apps, and others. You can use the apps to find out the photo in any place.

The Find 5 is one of the most fun mobile phones to play games with. You can use the GPS on this phone to go shopping, take pictures, look for friends and send messages and track the current location.

The rear micro SD card is expandable by up to 32GB. Since it has a screen, you can also store more than you are allowed to by the manufacturer. You can also use the micro SD card as a storage space for songs and videos.

The battery life of the Find X is a bit lower than the Find 5. This phone runs quite hot, but the temperature level is not so high that it becomes a problem. The heat management technology of the Find 5 is vastly superior to the Find X.

When you compare this mobile phone to its predecessor, you will realize that this has much

better features than the Find 5. The Find Xprovides good camera, good sound and good battery life.