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The Oppo R17 Pro is an interesting little device. It can act as a cellphone, cell phone, MP3 player, GPS navigator, and gaming device all in one small package. It also has a built-in battery so you don't have to carry a cord everywhere you go.

However, the most impressive thing about the R17 Pro is its sound. I can't think of a better way to put an iPod into a smartphone. If you're looking for a way to take your music collection with you on a long trip or to entertain yourself while you're stuck in the car, this is it. There's a whole new world for people to explore with technology.

These Smart Phone cases are a perfect gift for anyone that loves music, sports, or just an all around good time. You can buy one for yourself or as a great addition to someone else's gadget.

Oppo is now selling the R17 Pro directly through their website. They will ship worldwide to addresses that they have guaranteed.

Oppo has made a bold statement with the R17 Pro is more than impressive. The display is very clear and at the same time very bright, so you don't have to use a sun block.

This R17 Pro is available in black or white. You can choose a classic look or something a little different like a yellow, blue, or pink color scheme. The way Oppo puts their logo on the phone case makes it a good looking piece.

The cover comes off with a simple twist. All you need to do is pull up on the cover and flip it over to access the buttons and ports. These buttons are very accessible and easy to use. Even though the phone is small and light, the buttons are a lot bigger than other phones.

To access the buttons you first need to slide the back of the cover in toward the front of the phone. Then you can slide the cover in all the way to the left to access the USB port. You can also pop the back off to access the earpiece and speaker.

The top of the R17 Pro also has a flip out battery. The back of the phone can be locked to prevent people from accessing your data without your permission.

However, that's not the only reason to own this mobile phone cover. For people who live in extreme environments where it's difficult to plug in, you can take this cover with you and charge it in your car or even at the beach.

No matter where you go, the back of this case can be used to plug into the charger. It's also insulated to keep the heat from causing your device to overheat