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Even though Oppo Reno has been one of the more popular Android phones in the world, many users are still choosing to stick with the sleek smartphone. These cases are meant to protect their phone's edges from knocks, scrapes, or scratches, however it is important that they are not limiting what you can do with your phone. Here are a few tips for taking full advantage of the phone case.

This is actually pretty simple to do but takes an extra amount of protection. While you are inside your vehicle, make sure that your phone is turned off. In order to do this, make sure that you lock the screen, and set it so that it requires a password or PIN code to turn it on. Make sure that you are also protected from flying objects because your phone can be shattered by car accidents, hair or leaf, or even rocks, etc.

While you are inside your vehicle, you can still apply a good amount of protection by using a regular handkerchief, or a soft cloth with a soft lining inside. These are extremely soft, absorbent materials and when used with a device, will cause the phone to dry out quicker, giving you more time to wipe up any residual dirt, oil, or juice that may have been left on the phone.

There are two options for silica gel based polymers used in the support material. The first option is the ones that are typically used in automobile parts and other protective cases. These can be a little bit abrasive, but are durable enough to protect your phone.

However, there is another option for silicone oil based which are designed to go between your phone and the vehicle's car floor. These should be applied in a thin layer of silicone oil over the phone screen, but should not be applied too thickly because silicone is less viscous than silicone oil.

This is easy, since you can just spray the case with a hard spray bottle or other spray bottle. It is also important to put the cover on while you are inside your vehicle, but leave it on the entire ride, and then once you get out, remove it.

Glass elements may be used for mobile covers. Though it is more expensive than other options, some of the glass options that are available are actually quite strong. Some of these provide for less bulk when placed into your hand, allowing you to keep your phone more folded, and also placing it within the center console area of your vehicle.

One common thing that is needed to take with you on the road is a car charger and a USB cable. You should always have these items in your phone case so that when you need to charge your phone, you are already ready to go. Also, some chargers for USB also come with their own USB wall adapter, so you can still plug in your phone after it is charged.

A screen protector for the screen of your Oppo Reno is not really needed, since most people tend to have a slightly used screen. These are made from scratch resistant materials and are usually applied once it is no longer fresh and new.

The final tip is the one that everyone seems to forget: take with you on your mobile charger. Most mobile chargers use an AC adapter that can also act as a USB port, allowing you to use your phone with a USB cable that you are carrying in your vehicle.

Mobile covers are a lot of fun to use, but they are essential to your mobile phones' lifespan. Check out our review of some of the best available today to get a better idea of which ones offer the best protection and durability.