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The Xiaomi Redmi 4 is a well liked phone in the market. However, many have already noticed that it has a tendency to overheat as the battery runs down quickly.

There are two known causes of overheating of the phone. First is the natural cooling process that happens whenever the battery is drained and second is the heat the rear surface can take from the light used to illuminate the phone.

This is all well and good when you are not using the phone. However, when the temperature in your pocket can reach that red heat that will heat up your back of the phone case very quickly, the chances of a quick battery drain and the case causing overheating rises.

There are three types of cases available which are hard shell, soft gel type and magnetic. The type that fits your back is the magnetic one. It is this type of case that is used by more people as a form of protection for their phone.

When you buy a soft shell or hard shell case you are protected from the heat of the sun and you also have a cover over the back of the phone. It is only when the batteries run out do the magnets work.

The magnetic backing to the phone case helps absorb the heat from the sun and also the heat from the infrared sensors on the phone. The idea is to keep the back of the phone cooler than the front.

Cases designed for children are also available. These cases are specifically designed for babies and toddlers as they are delicate so that the baby may not get burned.

This is another area where buying a good case is very important. Because you will want to use the phone on a daily basis, as much as possible.

Battery charging times are very important if you use your phone frequently. When the phone reaches a state of near exhaustion, it will work even harder to help recharge its batteries.

Some people will find a hard time with this but you cannot be blamed for thinking that the battery is not working as well as it should. Buy a good case to keep the heat away from the phone.

When you purchase the phone case make sure that it is not made of a plastic or metal box and is not so deep that the phone cannot fit. This is essential as you want to be able to put the phone and you do not want to have to dig it out to put it back in the case.