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For those who really want a sleek and classy mobile phone, then there is no better time than the Samsung On 7 Pro. Samsung is known for making really good phones and while the On Pro has not really changed much from its predecessor the sleek and classy nature of this phone has been preserved. A few additional features have been added for convenience's sake, but they still stand apart from the rest in this regard.

Mobile covers are available for most cell phones so if you plan to get this Samsung phone then you will need to decide whether you want a phone case or a mobile cover. The two are very different in that case, a case is usually used to hold the phone, secure it and protect it from elements whilst a mobile cover is made to be slip over the phone.

A phone case is the traditional type of cover for your phone which is known as a sleeve. The inner lining of the sleeve provides the necessary cushioning to keep the phone steady and also protecting it from dust and dirt.

Many people feel that a phone case is much more comfortable to use with their hands than a mobile cover. However, in my opinion, it can be said that a mobile cover offers more comfort.

A mobile case comes in two varieties, fabric and leather, and both offer their own pros and cons. In some instances, the fabric is pretty soft and tends to absorb sweat but this can be problematic when it comes to providing adequate grip and comfort.

On the other hand, a leather mobile cover is tough and can withstand many falls without damaging the phone. This type of case is ideal for people who plan to take their phones out for extended periods of time.

People who plan to be exposed to extremely cold or hot temperatures may also want to consider a case that is made to prevent overheating. For those of you with very sensitive skin, there is also a type of mobile cover that protects your phone from direct contact with water or any other liquid, whereas this case cannot be used with any materials that are made to resist heat.

If you are someone who enjoys photography and is an avid user of the camera on your phone, a camera case is highly recommended. The higher quality cases include, added protection against rain, dust and some cases even help prevent water from damaging the photo slides.

It is important to choose the right mobile case for your phone, as it does provide extra protection for your phone and other accessories. It is also important to remember that unlike a phone case, a mobile cover is usually used outside, in a rough or wet environment.

A good mobile case will also be durable enough to stand up to water and damage from splashes or drops, whilst another good case will protect your phone from scratches and other visible damages. The heavier the phone the better the case is going to be, as this will add extra weight to the cover.

In the end, choosing the right mobile case is going to provide extra comfort and protection for your phone. In addition, it can be used in a variety of environments, so it is definitely something to consider.