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Halime Hatun Case Cover for Sony XA

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Ertugrul IYI Case Cover for Sony XA

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McCullum NZ Case Cover for Sony XA

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Lord Shiva Case Cover for Sony XA

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Lord Buddha Case Cover for Sony XA

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Gucci Gang Case Cover for Sony XA

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The question is often asked if Sony XA owners are able to use the official Sony logos. This depends on the model of the phone.

Sony doesn't use any simple logo as its trademark. They have a company that handles the production of its cases. It has been found that the manufacture of covers for the iPhone and other devices do not provide these covers with the Sony Logos.

Sony was also having a problem with the use of the Logos as the company had a problem with copying its designs. As it is Sony that is in charge of the manufacturing of the cases, the company was also in a search of ways to prevent other manufacturers from copying their design.

The use of the logo as the keypad lock on some devices, is such a way of preventing the unauthorised duplication of the designs. Some new users like to have their keys printed with the logos so that they can identify their devices easily.

However the use of the logos as the lock by Sony isn't very easy. The use of a device key may be possible but the log of the company is not easily available.

For this reason, the technology behind the Logos as a mobile phone cover is a little bit difficult to do. They can be made use of by manufacturers, but they are only available in limited quantities.

The Logos aren't always the actual logo of the company and in some cases the Logos are usually a cross or the other symbols. Because of this the names of the companies are also used as the Logos.

In most cases the Sony logo is actually a group of words or a cross with an arrow symbol representing the direction. Sometimes the word "Global" is written after the "Logo".

The use of the company's logo is often very expensive as there is a price difference. There are more expensive versions of the Logos than the cheaper versions.

The Logos are not that effective when it comes to protecting the phone. The Sony logo is usually placed on the back case of the phone cover, as this is the part of the cover that comes closer to the face of the user.

When the case is not needed, the user should keep it covered. These covers are usually offered with magnets.