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Xiaomi Mi 7 is a favorite phone among the users of China. Many people consider this as one of the best phones in the world. For them, a good looking mobile phone is a must to get the best out of the mobile.

This latest mobile and its counterpart Xiaomi Mi 9 are available in two skins, a virtual skin or the basic one. With both the skins, you will be able to find a good and usable mobile with great looks and a good style. To find the perfect one, here are some of the ways that are used to get a customized mobile cover:

- You can get a free service from a mobile service provider. If you have a number, they will provide you the service without any cost. This kind of service is recommended for those who do not want to pay for the service. If you want to use a free service, you have to register in their website first.

- You can get a special price for the Mobile cover. Some mobile providers offer free Mobile cover for all the customers. Others, only offer a limited service.

- If you want a more comprehensive and valuable service, you can find such service by contacting the mobile service providers in your area. Contacting the service providers of your area will provide you a wide range of choices. One of the important things in order to get the best Mobile cover is to check the ratings of the mobile providers, so that you get the one that provides you with the best service.

- You can also visit an online mobile store. Online stores have been designed in such a way that they provide great and easy access to various stores. Here, you can get the best service and price as well.

- If you are using a phone, you can also get a free service to make a phone cover. Most of the service providers give you the chance to customize the cover according to your own liking. It is not difficult to choose a virtual skin to have the cover and place it on your phone.

- If you do not like the shape and size of the mobile phone, you can get an imitation of the same. For this, you can choose to get the service through a virtual skin.

- If you want to have the cover with a real phone, you can use a virtual skin that fits your real phone. It will make you wonder as to why the phone can be placed on the cover. A virtual skin can also help you take pictures and videos with your phone.

- If you have a real phone, you can put your cover on it. It will make you wonder how you would even move if your phone were covered. The one thing that you should consider is that you should always use a mobile phone cover that fits your phone.

By using these tips, you will have a right mobile cover to your liking. They will help you have a fun time and enjoy your mobile phone.