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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is the newest from the MIUI series, the latest version of Android operating system. However, it is not all the features that makes it so exciting.

The new phone case offers many other benefits for the user. It offers protection from drops and bumps that can happen to your mobile phone. It comes with a rubber backed back that protects the device against any external damage that may happen.

It is also cheaper than other cases and it offers great value for money and is perfect for all mobile users. This mobile cover not only offer protection but also adds style to your phone.

Most manufacturers use plastic or a piece of vinyl on the front and back of their phones. They come with special screws or clips that hold them in place so they don't fall off, but most users have no need for these accessories.

These cases are great because they prevent the buttons from getting scratched. Many users have reported on the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 that it can scratch the buttons if it is used for a long time. It is easier to clean the buttons, and you don't need to remove the screws.

This protective cover comes with a white top and a black rubber back fabric. The case is compatible with all Xiaomi phone models, including the Redmi Note Pro.

Protection is key and this is what most users look for. This model has great rubber backed finish which gives protection and style.

It has a flexible design that comes with buttons that easily fit in place and provides better grip when using the phone. The cover comes with elastic bands at the back to provide more comfort.

Many users find the case ideal because it is easy to change the shape of the phone, which means you can use it for another occasion. It is convenient and does not take up much space.

If you do not want to be tied down to a single look, there are several different types of covers available from different manufacturers. This can make a big difference as the phone case with the different type of back material will offer the user a different look.

If you like the look of a metal case, it's worth looking at the black ones, because some of them come with texture, meaning the keys are not just smooth. Just be sure that the phone case you get has more of the protective material than the screen.