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There are several designs for your Xiaomi Mi4i, however you have to be careful not to compromise the durability of the device. For this reason it is important that you purchase a good quality Xiaomi phone case, or some other Xiaomi case, with some features that you may need.

You must check the design and material of the cover. It should be hard enough to protect the Mi4i from the elements, but also smooth and easy to put on and take off, so you do not have to worry about scratching the device when you use it in public places. The protection of the back should be adequate and not very thick; it should prevent scratches from being made while taking it off.

Your choice of materials will depend on how long you intend to use the phone. There are a lot of skins, for example you can get a black skin, and a clear one. These covers are removable, but it is advisable to put them on for a long time before use to protect the device from dust.

Modern cell phones have a lot of bells and whistles; they have cameras, speakers, and a lot more. Not all people can handle all these features and want to hide all the things that they do not use. As such, there are covers that fit this need.

You can buy a set of covers that cover the whole phone in one color scheme, which will protect the outside while allowing the inside to show off a certain color scheme. The color choice is up to you, but the effect will be the same, as the color you choose for the cover will complement the color of the phone itself.

Some of the covers will have a virtual leather back, which is also a good idea if you have someone who will need to see the back side of the phone for a long time. This will give the impression that the phone is not only waterproof, but that it is also very durable. The virtual leather back is also recommended by some mobile companies that use these kinds of phone covers.

There is also the white option, which is ideal for people who need protection against the sun. It is also a good way to hide the ugly green ring around the edge of the screen; these will show up as the screen goes white.

There are covers that are made for you Xiaomi phone, and not a phone of another manufacturer. If you purchase one of these, be sure that it will fit properly and be able to provide a good enough level of protection.

It is not easy to find a good Xiaomi phone cover; if you are looking for a bad one, you will probably end up buying a bad one because there are a lot of very cheap ones out there. You should do some research before you decide what type of cover is best for you.

A good quality cover will provide better protection and more style, even for the Xiaomi Mi4i. This is good for you, and is something that you will be glad that you bought.

Phones are very useful, and you want to make sure that they are durable. No matter which type of covers you buy, it will serve you well, as long as you put some effort into finding the right one.