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The iPhone 7 is a combination of the latest technological developments. For instance, the iPhone 7 sports a display that is eight times larger than its predecessor. The multi-tasking functionality is even more impressive.There is a new access point to the Apple Store, which allows users to use the new wireless charging features. This may be an additional feature, but it certainly helps, and it will be a welcome addition.

Yet another excellent feature is the inclusion of the Smart Cover, which is available in silver or gold. This is the first time that such a choice has been made available to us. We do not have to go back to the clunky plastic of the past. The combination of the iPhone with the Smart Cover makes for a perfect accessory. You get all the style and elegance of a well-designed leather iPhone 7 cell phone case, but at a fraction of the cost. It is not just a design issue; it's a practical issue too.

The Smart Cover comes in two styles, and both are attractive and well-designed. The leather is attractive in black plastic, and the choice of tan, white or gold is endless. If you want, you can mix and match. If you want the look of a leather mobile phone, the Smart Cover is right for you. It looks as though it were made for this phone, and it feels right at home. You could think of it as a cheap leather iPhone 7 cell phone case. There is also a standard plastic version, which will work just as well. Some people don't like the look of the car seats covered in leather, and they opt for a simple plastic phone case instead. We do not necessarily find the look attractive. It does have some of the qualities of leather, though.

Still, this is an attractive mobile phone case that would look great on a business trip or your family vacation. It certainly is a smart addition to the iPhone 7 family. This accessory should not be mistaken for a must-have. However, for those who need something to protect their iPhone 7, it certainly can't hurt. IPhone covers, as mentioned, are not just leather cases. They have similar features to leather, such as water-resistance, but the finish is not quite as smooth and slick. Instead, the finish appears to be oil rubbed on the phone case's surface.

Leather is a beautiful, elegant material, but it isn't perfect. If you are looking for a phone case that will last as long as your iPhone 7, I suggest the Smart Cover. It's easy to use, looks great, and is affordable.